The organizers of the 2nd ONIT Workshop are inviting all the NGN/IMS interested parties to submit their work. Following the success of the 1st ONIT Workshop, this years event will be held in conjunction with TRIDENTCOM 2010 on the 18th of May 2010 in Berlin.

The Areas of Interest include but are not limited to:

  • Open Source IMS/NGN components and core development
    • Open Source software as a driver for cost efficient testbeds
    • Using and enhancing Open Source software in a telecom environment
    • Solving Common-IMS convergence issues with open source components and testbeds
  • NGN/IPTV/IMS testbeds interconnection and converged services
    • NGN testbed and interconnections
    • NGN based IPTV and NGN multimedia/converged services
    • IPTV hybrid services (IPTV and DVB-H interworking)
    • Service development, End-user design services and testbeds, i.e. LivingLabs
  • Security in Next generation systems & Service-oriented techniques
    • Advances in NGN/NGMN IMS, EPC and SOA testbeds
    • Advances in SIP, Diameter and other NGN relevant protocol standardization and components
  • Web 2.0
    • Intelligent terminals, new user interfaces and Web2.0 capabilities
    • Semantic Web services
    • Web TV versus Internet TV and P2P video streaming
    • Internet TV services delivery on a multi-platform basis (TV set, mobile device, PC, …)
  • Evolutions in Service Delivery Platforms and their integration to IMS
    • IaaS and SaaS concepts for testbeds and testing outsourcing
    • SOA principles applied to testbeds
    • Web 2.0 applications and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystems)
    • Service Provisioning Platforms & Service Roaming
  • Testbed management & Operational aspects
    • Virtualization for testbeds
    • Deployment and governance issues in testbeds
    • Resource description and data models for testbeds
    • Semantic description techniques and ontologies in the testbed domain

The deadline has been extended until 17th of December 2009. More information can be found in the attached Call for Papers or on the event’s website:

2nd Open NGN and IMS Testbeds (ONIT) Workshop @ TRIDENTCOM 2010